LOCAL EXHAUST VENTILATION (LEV) PLANT Extract from COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations 1988
  1. In the case of all LEV plant installed to meet the requirements of regulation 7 (Prevention or control of exposure to substances hazardous to health), whether fixed or portable, including microbiological safety cabinets, the examination and test should be sufficient to provide correct information for the particulars listed in paragraph 61.
  1. All such LEV plant should be thoroughly examined and tested at least once every 14 calendar months, except in the cases listed in Schedule 3, where examinations should be more frequent.
  1. A suitable record, containing at least the following particulars, should be kept in respect of each thorough examination and test of LEV plant:
  1. Name and address of employer responsible for the plant.
  1. Identification and location of the LEV plant, process, and hazardous substance concerned.
  1. Date of last thorough examination and test.
  1. Conditions at time of test; normal production or special conditions (eg maximum use, stood down).
  1. Information about the LEV plant which shows:
  1. its intended operating performance for controlling the hazardous substance for the purposes of Regulation 7 see notes 1 and 2 below;
  1. whether the plant now still achieved the same performance;
  1. if not, the repairs required to achieve that performance.
  1. Methods used to make judgement at (e)(ii) and (e)(iii) above (eg visual, pressure measurements, air flow measurements, dust lamp, air sampling, filter integrity tests).
  1. Date of examination and test.
  1. Name, designation and employer of person carrying out examination and test.
  1. Signature or unique authentication of person carrying out examination and test.
  1. Details of repairs carried out see note (3) below.
(1) If there is no information available for item e(i), this will indicate a need for the employer to make a further assessment in accordance with regulation 6 to show compliance with regulation 7.
(2) Examples of the details which should be available in respect of the main components of the LEV system are as follows:
Enclosures/hoods maximum number to be used at any one time; location or position; static pressure behind each hood or extraction point; face velocity.
Ducting dimensions; transport velocity; volume flow.
Filter/collector specification; volume flow; static pressures at inlet, outlet and across filter.
Fan or air mover specification; volume flow; static pressure at inlet; direction of rotation.
Systems which return exhaust air to the workplace filter efficiency; concentration of contaminant in returned air.
(3) Details to be completed by employer responsible for the LEV plant. The effectiveness of the repairs should be proved by a re-test.